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Ready to lead???

We are officially big time.

While in the midst on switching institutions, growing my lab and figuring out how things work around here, I received the awesome news that the U54 Collaborative Consortium grant I had put in over a year ago was funded!

Now to actually do the work promised. Staring down at the proposal, all I could think was "there is no possible way I am ready for this!". There was SO much to do; so many people depending on me get this rolling. I'm just a lowly junior faculty member, eking by...but then again, I'm no longer that either. When the hell did I become the grown up in the room!

After the initial shock wore off, I remembered what my dear friend and mentor Nancy Cox told me. No one, no matter how amazing and famous, was ready to lead. They were usually just thrust into the role and did the best they could. She explained that was what she did and she was confident that I would do a great job.

Perhaps this says more about what a great mentor Nancy is than my abilities, but I believed her. So I am doing it; organizing people much more qualified than me and they are following! It was definitely an accelerated maturing process, but what else is science if not a constant kick in the ass. If you want to know more about the U54, check out the blurb on our webpage. I hope to have an actual ACCOuNT website up and running soon!

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